Broadcast Television

Long Form Broadcast


This four part historical series was sponsored by DuPont for broadcast on PBS. It recaps the history of human space exploration from the earliest days of rocket research to the exploration of the planets. Narrated by Martin Sheen, its powerful storytelling continues through extensive interviews with astronauts, journalists and scientists, showing the drama of history in the making, through the eyes of those who made it happen. While much of the filmed coverage of the space race was widely available, we did not stop there. Our extensive archival research uncovered unique interview footage with the deceased German scientist, Werner von Braun, and never before broadcast footage of the Soviet space program, among others. In originally produced and emotionally charged personal interviews, Jim Lovell conveys the drama of the fateful Apollo XIII, and Walter Cronkite remembers the tears he shed when Neil Armstrong stepped onto the moon.


Houston Int'l. Festival, New York Int'l. Festival

"Our Inspiration:" The Story of Maggie Lena Walker

This one-hour documentary was produced for national broadcast on PBS. It relates a moving story of the life and times of Maggie Walker, born the daughter of a slave, who coalesced the economic and entrepreneurial resources of African Americans and became the first woman to be president of a chartered bank in the United States. Signature also produced accompanying curriculum-based learning packages, including a poster and lesson plans, to accompany the distribution of this documentary to schools nationwide.


CINE Golden Eagle, Aurora Awards, Telly Awards, U.S. International Festival, New York Festivals, Worldfest, MEDIA HONOREE: Virginia Endowment for the Humanities

Against the Odds

This series of half-hour programs was sponsored by the Horatio Alger Association of Distinguished Americans for broadcast on PBS. Hosted by Maya Angelou, each program featured the stories of Americans who had lived Horatio Alger stories in their own lives, rising from childhood adversity to reach the top of their field. Subjects of these biographies included James Earl Jones, Art Linkletter, Dr. Benjamin Carson, Wally Amos, and Ed McMahon, among others. A subsequent series, Against the Odds: The Next Generation, told similar stories of young people who are struggling to achieve similar success in the face of their own childhood adversities.


Telly Awards, CINE Golden Eagle, Worldfest, U.S. International Fest, Aurora Awards

The Mississippi River: On Course

This half-hour educational documentary about the Mississippi River was underwritten by the US Army Corps of Engineers to help support the work it undertakes in preventing erosion and flood damage. With our crews following the course of the Mississippi from its headwaters to the Gulf of Mexico, the film focused on explaining how and why alluvial rivers behave the way they do, changing course, flooding the land and building deltas. The program was not only broadcast, but used in exhibits and classrooms nationwide.


CINE Golden Eagle, U. S. Film/Video Festival, Houston Film Festival

Beyond Fear

This pioneering television program about AIDS was underwritten by the American Red Cross, with the goal of positioning the Red Cross as a pre-eminent health care organization in the face of the AIDS epidemic. Complex animation explained how the virus that causes AIDS replicates and is spread, while location production explored the personal and social impact of the disease. Beyond Fear was broadcast nationally and has won numerous awards.


Houston Int'l Festival, Chicago Intercom Festival, New York Film Festival, CINDY Awards, Los Angeles, CINE Golden Eagle, MIP '87 Festival Italy, Varna, Yugoslavia, U.S. Film & Video Festival

Beyond Business as Usual

This half-hour documentary was underwritten by the Environmental Protection Agency to educate the public about the evolving technologies available for disposing of hazardous waste in America. Broadcast on PBS stations through the PBS Rocky Mountain Network.


CINE Golden Eagle, New York Festival, Chicago INTERCOM Festival

Public Service Announcements

Horatio Alger Association of Distinguished Americans

As the sponsor of America's largest need-based scholarship program for disadvantaged young people, the Horatio Alger Association engaged Signature to produce a series of 30-second PSAs promoting the program to high school seniors and urging successful adults to support those same disadvantaged students through mentoring relationships. The campaign involved the talents of James Earl Jones and Tom Selleck and music by David Foster.


Worldfest, Telly Awards, Peer Awards

United Way

Signature produced two 30-second spots for the United Way to promote public giving to its annual fund raising campaign.

Combined Federal Campaign

This 30-second PSA was aimed at raising public consciousness about role of the Combined Federal Campaign and motivating federal workers to contribute to the annual fund drive.


A variety of promotional spots for national programming aired on the Public Broadcasting Service.