Museums and Exhibits

Selected Examples
Manzanar National Historic SiteIndependence, CA
Remembering Manzanar
Video and Multiple Audio-Visual Exhibit Stations

The central theater at Manzanar features Signature's high definition video. It orients visitors to the stories of Japanese Americans interned behind barbed wire in World War II and explores the social and constitutional issues involved. Our research involved conversations with survivors of the camps, along with reviews of their personal letters, photographs and home movies. Closely coordinated with this video are Signature productions throughout the exhibit center, recreating the mood of the times through radio broadcasts, home movies, and newsreels.


Telly Awards, U.S. International Fest, Peer Award, New York Festival, Worldfest, Aurora Awards, CINE Golden Eagle.

National Holocaust Memorial MuseumWashington, DC
Remember the Children: Daniels Story

Geared toward young people, two videos and five audio stations bring to life the Holocaust experiences of a family in Nazi Germany. Signature exhaustively researched the audio environment that would have been heard in a Jewish ghetto street and crowded ghetto apartments experienced by many torn from their homes before incarceration in the camps. Within a hands-on exhibit, other more comforting sounds create the environment of the family home prior to the rise of the Third Reich. The videos tell the personal story of a composite family before, and then after, the Nazis came to power. A traveling version of this exhibit has toured major cities across the country.


CINE Golden Eagle, Silver Apple, National Educational Festival, Chicago Intercom Festival.

Bighorn Canyon National Recreation AreaLovell, WY
Land of the Bighorn

Extensive nature and aerial photography introduce the visitor to the many surprises found within the boundaries of this recreation area, including archeology, human history, wild horses and bighorn sheep. Our commitment to storytelling culminates in the Native American legend of how this land came to be named.


Worldfest, Omni Awards, Telly Awards, Aurora Awards

Arkansas Post National MemorialGillette, AK
Echoes of the Past

This program follows the evolution of the Arkansas Post from its inception in the 1600s to its demise two centuries later. In doing so, it presents a cross section of the history of a growing nation. The program was based on historical re-enactments covering the early traders, French and Indian War, Revolutionary War, Civil War and the coming of the railroad. Because there are no historic structures at the present-day site, Signature identified half a dozen historic locations in Arkansas, Missouri, Louisiana and Alabama, where re-enactments of both military engagements and civilian life could occur against the backdrop of appropriate period architecture.


Aurora Festival, Telly Awards

Crater Lake National ParkCrater Lake, OR
The Making of Crater Lake
and Kiosk Fly-Throughs

Multiple fly-through sequences at interactive kiosks tell a story of the natural phenomena of Crater Lake. An additional complex 3-D animation combined with live action cinematography, original music and sound effects, brings to life the pre-historic creation of Crater Lake.


CINE Golden Eagle, Best in Category New York Festivals and Telly Awards, Aurora Awards

Smithsonian Institution National ZooWashington, DC
Environmental Soundscapes

Signature produced and installed audio environments to recreate the ambience of the eco-systems inhabited by animals in the reptile house at the National Zoo. Ceiling mounted stereo speakers carry the visitor through rain forests, deserts and forests as they view living reptiles, both exotic and common, in a replication of their native environments.

National Gallery of ArtWashington, DC
The Burghers of Calais

This film uses Rodin's sculpture to tell the historic story that inspired the sculptor -- a tale of the six citizens who sacrificed their lives to save fellow townspeople in medieval France. The film accompanied the Gallery's Rodin exhibit.

Kings Mountain National Military ParkBlacksburg, SC

Kings Mountain National Military Park commemorates a pivotal and significant victory by American Patriots over American Loyalists during the Southern Campaign of the Revolutionary War. Signature produced multiple exhibit elements in the form of videos, animation, and audio enactments, showing the motivations of forces on both sides, the impact on the outcome of the war, and the story of the inventive commander of the loyalist troops, Maj. Patrick Ferguson.

Western Historic Trails MuseumCouncil Bluffs, IA
"... and there we wandered, sometimes west."

A film exploring the magnetic mystique of the American west and comparing the experience of traveling west today with the experience of the pioneers of the 19th century.



Lake Mead National Recreation AreaBoulder City, NV
Managing our Resources

Multiple audio-visual programs, including an interactive orientation to the area, audio stations representing the desert eco-system as it changes throughout the year, a complex 3-d geological animation, and a video on the need to respect the environment.

New River GorgeBeckley, WV
Visitor Center Audio Stations

Sound design and production of six audio stations, including oral histories, a performance of local music and a 14-minute ambient soundscape representing the birds, water and wind that characterize the eco-system.

Dayton Aviation National Historical ParkDayton, OH
Inventing Flight

Signature was selected to script the centerpiece film for the park in celebration of the centennial anniversary of the Wright brothers first flight. The story focused on the process of invention and the technological developments that followed. Signatures initial filming included coverage of the U.S. Air Force Thunderbirds, with multiple cameras on the ground and in the air.

Patent and Trademark Museum
Inventors Hall of Fame
Alexandria, VA
Akron, OH
Voices of Invention and Inventing in America

Two videos honoring individual inventors and the spirit of inventiveness that the American patent system has fostered.


Worldfest, Omni Festival, Aurora Festival, U.S. International Festival, New York Festivals.