Targeted Audiences

Selected Examples
National Science Foundation

In two separate location trips to the Antarctic continent, Signature produced five videos about the NSFs Antarctic Program, some targeting public and congressional audiences, and some for internal communications and training. Our crew went through its own survival training, mingled with penguins and seals, coped with freezing camera gears and learned the meaning of a hard days night in a land when the sun never sets. The resulting programs helped justify government funding for the science research in Antarctica; informed the public and policy makers about the unique value of astronomy studies there. Internal communications programs prepared staff and grantees for a trip to the Ice; dealt with issues of managing waste in an environment where nothing deteriorates naturally.

Federal Highway Administration
Lightly on the Land

This video was produced for both internal and external communications purposes. Its goal is to explain the mission of the Federal Lands Highway partnerships, in a variety of federally owned lands, to members of Congress and to internal audiences in the Department of Transportation. Signature fielded two crews simultaneously, in order to shoot in 12 locations nationwide within a tightly challenging time frame. The deadline was daunting. Potential of weather delays was uncertain. Our detailed plan of contingencies met the challenge.

Locations included National Parks, National Forests, Bureau of Land Management, Animal Refuges and Indian Reservations. The mission was to clarify the importance of providing roads on these sensitive lands while underscoring the challenge of transportation systems that respect the environment that lie lightly on the land.


Chicago INTERCOM Festival

U.S. Patent and Trademark Office

Signature produced videos on orientation and diversity for new employees as well as several videos explaining the patent system to the general public and inventors applying for a patent.

American Red Cross

Signature produced internal training films on a variety of subjects for the American Red Cross, informational videos for local chapters and motivational videos shown at national conventions. Our Executive Producer oversaw the media activities of the Red Cross Centennial Celebration which involved communicating the story of its hundred year history to both the public and staff through films, videos, exhibits publications, and organizing a national convention.

Most prominent among more recent external public information productions was a pioneering television program about AIDS, aimed at positioning the Red Cross as a pre-eminent health care organization in the face of the AIDS epidemic. Titled "Beyond Fear," this program was broadcast nationally, and has won numerous awards.


Houston Int'l Festival, Chicago Intercom Festival, New York Film Festival, CINDY Awards, Los Angeles, CINE Golden Eagle, MIP '87 Festival Italy, Varna, Yugoslavia, U.S. Film & Video Festival